If by optimal, order-related picking you mean precise, reliable and timely picking with perfect preparation for shipping, then you've just found your perfect partner. Because this challenging task is one of the great strengths of WALTER LAGER-BETRIEBE, a WALTER GROUP company.


Choose us as your partner and you'll also benefit from the advantages of our state-of-the-art warehouse and our central location in the south of Vienna. You and your stock will find yourself in the largest economic area in Austria and, at the same time, on the threshold of dynamic economic areas in Eastern and Central Europe.

Contact our specialists on the topic of "warehousing and picking"

Optimal picking is just a phone call away. Get important information from our specialists in the "picking" sector, who will happily share their many years of experience with you.

Tel.: +43 2236 3020-2922

Fax: +43 2236 3020-52922


Optimal picking in our warehouse in detail

Every item in a box or tray gets a ground-level picking station in our warehouse. The stations are arranged according to various criteria. For example, the turnover rate (ABC analysis), packaging size, weight and much more. The aim is to ensure the most efficient "pick process".



Rapid picking using the latest technology


In order for our pickers to access your stock accurately and without mistakes we utilize the latest scanners. Special picking forklifts help us to achieve rapid pick times and coordinate your products carefully, without causing damage.


Perfect preparation for shipment


At the preparation station, we shrink wrap the picked shipment or mixed pallets in order to ensure maximum transport safety. Then we affix the required labels (location label, mixed pallet label, shipping label etc.). Now all preparations have been completed and your shipment can be loaded for delivery.



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